Keri Donohoo

Keri brings a personal passion for history and years of experience in university administrative support including meeting planning, board member assistance, and donor cultivation. Prior to Dumbarton House, Keri worked for The George Washington University, the University of Minnesota, and Loyola Marymount University. At Dumbarton House, she serves as the point person for the Dames and manages NSCDA member services, which include: Dumbarton House and NSCDA Board leadership support, National projects support, meeting coordination, the membership database, online and archival resources, gift shop, and member visits. Keri received her B.A. in History from DePaul University in Chicago.

Joined Dumbarton House in: December 2014



Originally hailing from Minnesota, Keri has also lived in Chicago and Los Angeles. She was once an active member of the Twin Cities Unicycle Club and participated in numerous parades all over Minnesota. While forever a (frustrated) fan of Minnesota sports teams, she has quickly adopted the Nationals as her favorite baseball team and goes to nearly a dozen games per season. A huge American history buff, Keri can always be found with a history book in her bag and is full of random fun history facts. She is also the proud (and favorite) auntie of two little humans and five little fur-animals!