Home School

Homeschool Programs

Dumbarton House welcomes home school families and groups to Home School History Days and Girl Scout Days throughout the year. Organized home school groups are invited to register for School and Scout and Youth Group programs. These programs are developed for a variety of learning styles and can accommodate varying ages. Please read program descriptions for age requirements. Registration is “first come, first serve.”

Dumbarton House Home School History Day

Join Dumbarton House for Home School History Days! Home School History Days are designed to be accessible to home school families. Children ages 5-14 years old will “travel back in time” to explore early Washington, D.C. history! Each program will focus on a different aspect of life during the Federal period.

In each educational program, students will go on an interactive tour of the Museum, participate in a hands-on workshop, and receive a unique souvenir of their visit. When available, parents will receive a resource packet with activities that introduce and reinforce the lesson providing a wonderful opportunity for parents and students to learn together.

To better serve home school families who are teaching children of all ages, Dumbarton House offers several classes at one time. Students will be assigned and expected to participate in the appropriate grade level. Please note, programs are typically divided as preK-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and 6th-8th grade. Parent supervised activities for toddlers are also available.

To learn about upcoming programs OR if you have Home School questions, please contact Dumbarton House at Programs@DumbartonHouse.org or call 202-337-2288 ext. 225.