Lavender Cotton

Lavendar Cotton

Scientific Name: Santolina incana nana

Plant Characteristics: This perennial has daisy-like yellow button flowers that appear in June through July. The woody stems have rough, finely divided, whitish gray leaves. It was a favorite in Elizabethan formal knot gardens.

Plant Uses:

Aromatic: Was added to potpourris and sachets, and was used to repel moths. It has a musky fragrance and the oil is used to make Eau de Cologne.

Craft: The foliage and flowers dry well and can be used in dried arrangements.

Medicinal: The leaves and flowers boiled in milk was said to rid the body of worms and parasites. It was considered a remedy for jaundice, if infused in wine.

Cultural Needs: Likes a sunny location with light, dry soil. Drought tolerant.

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