Mint Species


Scientific Name: Mentha piperita (top image), Mentha spicata (bottom image)

Plant Characteristics: Mint is a perennial with fragrant and tasty leaves.

Plant Uses:

Aromatic: Oils from Mint plants were used in perfumes.

Culinary: Mint leaves have been used to flavor drinks and food. Oil from the plant was also used to make gum and candy.

Medicinal: Mint oil was used in various medicines. The leaves were also used to make a tea that helped relieve upset stomachs. Mint was also used to make toothpaste.

Fun Fact: Mint species are native to the Mediterranean island of Corsica. By the Middle Ages, mint was used throughout Europe. The plant was brought to the American colonies very early on, and mint was growing wild in New England by around 1672.

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