Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail

For three years the young United States was embroiled in the War of 1812 and the Chesapeake Bay region felt the brunt of it, choked by shipping blockades and ravaged by enemy raids. Through sites and landscapes in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and throughout Maryland, the Trail tells the stories of the events, people, and places that led to the birth of our National Anthem.  For further information about the Star Spangled National Historic Trail, visit the National Park Service website.  Dumbarton House is also a part of the Star Spangled Geotrail- a geocaching trail that links  more than 30 forts, museums, battlefields, ships, parks and preserves, each with its own story to tell about the War of 1812.

Dumbarton House is part of the trail.  Visitors may tour the museum and learn about its role in the War of 1812.  For stamp collectors of the National Park Service’s Passport book, a stamp is also available.