Scientific Name: Thymus vulgaris

Plant Characteristics: Thyme is an evergreen ground cover with small oval leaves and fragrant flowers. The color of the flowers depends on the species.

Plant Uses:

Aromatic: Thyme was used as a strewing herb, strewn on floors to improve the scent of rooms. Oil from the plant was also used in soaps.

Culinary: Thyme is used as an herb in a variety of dishes ranging from fish and salads to soups and sauces.

Medicinal: Thyme leaves were made into a tea to help diminish nightmares. Thyme was also used to treat gout, joint pain, the palsy, epilepsy, coughs, earaches, and headaches.

Fun Fact: The English believed that Thyme was a favorite plant of fairies, claiming that those who wiped their eyes with the plant would gain the ability to see the magical creatures.

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