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Keep an eye on this page for new learning resources! You can find additional digital resources and virtual tours for NSCDA properties around the country, including Dumbarton House, at https://nscda.org/digitalmuseums/.

Are you a teacher hoping to plan a virtual field trip for the fall? Are you a parent looking for virtual Girl Scout activities to keep your daughters occupied? Check out our Girl Scout and School programs on offer and reach out with questions, concerns, and desires!

Distance Learning Resources

Virtual Programs and Activities

Explore life in the Federal Period with a virtual tour of Dumbarton House, keeping your eyes peeled for “I-Spys” along the way! (All I-Spys listed at the end of the document.) 

Find out how Classical Greek architecture and style influenced the society and culture of Federal Period America!

Family Book Club

Use our guiding questions to explore three books – one for adults, one for teens, and one for children – in these multigenerational family book clubs.

Everyone knows our Founding Fathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton. How did women contribute to the Revolutionary War? Find out in our Dumbarton House Family Book Club:_Founding Mothers.

  • Make your own Book Artist Craft using paper bags! Pair this craft with our Founding Mothers book club for further learning.
  • Decorate your handmade book with your own marbled paper!

In 1796, an enslaved woman named Ona Judge escaped from the most powerful man in America – President George Washington. Learn more in our Dumbarton House Family Book Club: Ona Judge

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence stated that “all men are created equal,” and yet the new United States enslaved people for life. Learn more about this contradiction in American history and the contributions of enslaved people through our Dumbarton House Family Book Club: In the Shadow of Liberty.

Online Puzzles

Museum 101 Videos

Live Virtual Programming

Dumbarton House offers a wide range of programming for children. Introducing youth to our nation’s past during hands-on programs at Dumbarton House, students “travel back in time” 200 years and explore early Washington, D.C., history.  Find out more about our youth programs below! 

For School Groups

Girl Scouts