Scientific Name: Artemisia absinthum

Plant Characteristics: Wormwood has upright stems with silvery leaves and small yellow flowers that bloom from July to October.

Plant Uses:

Aromatic: Colonists used the plant to deter moths from eating clothing. Wormwood seeds were known to repel fleas, and they were also sprinkled in books to repel book lice.

Culinary: Fruit from the plant was added to hops to make beer.

Medicinal: Wormwood was used externally to relieve sprains and bruises. Internally, Wormwood was used to cleanse the stomach, and to treat liver ailments, scurvy, grout, fevers, and intoxication.

Fun Fact: Wormwood is a primary ingredient in a powerful alcoholic drink called absinthe, which has been banned in many countries. Famous artist Vincent Van Gogh painted some of his most famous works under the influence of the powerful drink.

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