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We try to make renting at Dumbarton House as simple as possible. Here are some things to be aware of:

  • Rental Fee Deposit & Balance Due: The rental fees are $1,200 per hour with a refundable security deposit of $1,200 and a $250 donation to the museum. The security deposit is due at contract signing. If no deposit is received the contract is no longer valid. The first fifty percent of the rental fee is due two-weeks after contract signing. The second fifity percent of the rental fee is due 90 days (three months) prior to the event. Overtime is billed after the event is complete.
    • Non-profit and corporate event rates available upon request
  • Security Deposit: Dumbarton House retains the right to use any or all of the security deposit toward any claim made for overtime, clean up, damages to or destruction of Dumbarton House or any property located in or on the premises belonging to Dumbarton House, as a result of the contracting party’s use of the premises on the event date.
    • Note: Events that extend 15 minutes beyond the contracted time period are charged the amount equal to one hour of rental time (based upon the departure of the last vendor).
  • Timeline: Private rentals can be scheduled after 3 p.m. on Saturdays, and Sundays (Note: All music on any evening must stop by 10 p.m.).
    • Please note that all event rentals must include time for preparation, guest presence, and clean-up. 
  • Liquor License: Renter/Caterer must obtain a Washington, D.C. single event liquor license.
  • Event Insurance: The contracting party must arrange liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage with a combined single limit of no less than $1,000,000, adding The NSCDA and Dumbarton House as additional insured.

Rental FAQs

If you need to get in touch with a staff member onsite the day of your event, please call (202) 948-5862. To contact the Events Team, please email Events@DumbartonHouse.org or call (202) 337-2288 ext. 2250.

To contract Dumbarton House for your event, please contact Dumbarton House’s Rental Events Team at events@dumbartonhouse.org. At the signing of the event contract a security deposit of $1,200 is due. One half the contracted amount is due within two weeks of concluding the agreement. The second half of the rental fee is then due 90 days (three months) prior to the event. Overtime hours are billed after the event is complete.

When renting Dumbarton House for your event outside of museum hours (10:00am-3:00pm Saturday & Sunday), private use of the property with the option to entertain in the North Garden, Upper Terrace, East Park, Belle Vue Room, and Courtyard is included in the fees unless otherwise noted.

The rental fees, outlined in the rates section, include site rental, private touring of the first floor of the museum, and two to four on-site event staff members to answer guest questions and ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

The rental fees do not include use of rental equipment (tables, chairs, etc.,), tenting, catering, or parking. For your convince, Dumbarton House maintains a list of preferred vendors who provide everything you will need for your event.

A Contracting Party may cancel a contract by giving written notice to Dumbarton House. If such notice is received by Dumbarton House —

More than six months (183 days) before the date of the contracted event, the security deposit and 50% of the rental fee will be retained and no final payment will be due;

Less than six months (183 days) before the date of the contracted event, the security deposit and entire rental fee will be retained. Only if Dumbarton House is able to book an event of equal value for the date of the canceled event, 50% of the rental fee will be refunded. The security deposit will remain retained.

If the event is canceled due to events or effects that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, as defined in the event rental contract, Dumbarton House will make a refund in accord with the policies explained immediately above for cancellations by a contracting party.

Yes. There is ADA compliant access into Dumbarton House from the lower parking lot (entrance is off 27th Street,) and all floors are accessible by an elevator. Special arrangements for guests requiring ADA parking can be made in advance.

Due to our location in residential Georgetown, Dumbarton House cannot accommodate guest parking. We strongly recommend your guests use rideshare platforms to attend your event. Street parking on Q Street, 27th, and 28th Streets is an option especially on weekends after 6:30pm. Valet companies can be contracted if desired.

Limited parking is available for vendors’ vehicles in the lower parking lot, entrance off 27th street, or guests requiring ADA accessibility.

You can find to scale floorplans of Dumbarton House on AllSeated.com.

Dumbarton House offers discounted rates for NSCDA members, non-profits, and Georgetown civic associations. For weddings, please contact the Rental Events Coordinator about off-season rates. 

Candles and other open flames and candles are NOT permitted, exceptions made for religious ceremonies. 

Decorations on any wall or surface of Dumbarton House are prohibited, or at the discretion of a Dumbarton House Events staff member. No tape of any kind, wire, nails, screws or other fasteners, may be used in decorating Dumbarton House for an event. Ribbons must be used to attach any decoration used. Flooring or staging may not be placed on any exterior or interior location without prior permission and arrangement.

Floral arrangements are not permitted inside historic Dumbarton House, specifically the first floor Museum.

The throwing of rice, confetti, flower petals, birdseed, and use of bubbles, etc. is not permitted on the Dumbarton House grounds. Sparklers may not be used on Dumbarton House property.

Yes, however no electronic or battery amplified music is allowed outside or in the gardens of Dumbarton House including the lower courtyard after 8:30 pm. This applies any instruments or equipment that require a microphone, speaker, or batteries, or are plugged into an electrical source.

A band or DJ may set up in the Belle Vue Room with amplification; however, all indoor amplified music must end at 10:00 pm. Stringed instruments may be played in the museum.

You may choose a vendor from the Dumbarton House preferred list or may contract with vendor of your choice. With the exception of tent rental, you may work with any vendor you choose providing they have a DC business license, have proof of sufficient insurance, review necessary Dumbarton House rules and regulations, make an on-site appointment with the Rental Events Coordinator prior to your event.

Yes, however you will need to secure and provide Dumbarton House with a District of Columbia Class F temporary liquor license at least seven days prior to the event. The cost for the license is approximately $130 dollars.

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