Camille Weber

Development Manager

Camille Weber is a graduate of James Madison University (Go Dukes!) whose career path has brought her back to her home of Washington, D.C. She studied History and Spanish, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in May 2017. Her career in the nonprofit world began as a college intern at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA and while there she was introduced to the inner workings of museums. As the Development Manager at Dumbarton House, she works with staff, donors and volunteers to ensure our fundraising goals are met every year for both Dumbarton House Museum and our parent organization, the NSCDA. Every day is different for Camille, but the constant she loves is the creativity and collaboration that comes with development. When she isn’t in the office, she’s probably hiking, fly fishing or doing anything that involves being outside.

Fun Fact: With a fellow JMU Duke, Camille runs a blog that imagines what modern day tunes historical figures would listen to called Historic Shuffle. Thanks to her history degree from JMU, she knows how to dive deep into the crevices of the human mind, analyzing if Dumbarton House’s owner Joseph Nourse would have rather heard “Money” by Cardi B or “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra. Or both.