House Move in 1915

Article written by: Jessica Davis, Visitor Engagement Specialist at Dumbarton House The house we currently interpret and operate as a museum once stood about 60 feet to the south, in the middle of Q Street. Back in July of 1915, […] Read more ›

Votes, Parties, and Patronage: Women in Politics in the Federal Period

Article written by: James Stewart, docent at Dumbarton House The year 2020 brings with it a plethora of exhibits, lectures, and events that commemorate the ratification of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote in the United […] Read more ›

Fiske Kimball Temple

The centerpiece of the North Garden is the Fiske Kimball Temple. Fiske Kimball was engaged by the National Society in the early 1930s to be the architectural advisor to oversee the renovations of the house. At that time, he was […] Read more ›

“Fancy Doors” at Dumbarton House

The faux painted interior doors of Dumbarton House exemplify a timeless decorative technique with its own Federal Period flair. Painted patterns meant to imitate the grain of expensive woods or a wide array of natural materials can be done in […] Read more ›

The Hidden Figures of Dumbarton House: slavery and servitude within the Nourse household

Ten years ago Chris started as an Education Graduate Intern, researching the question—did the Nourse family have any enslaved workers or indentured servants in their household?  As many historical researchers know, with a project like this, the first place to […] Read more ›